Lightning energy and burning souls...

The Nursery

The Nursery is right beside the Elder's Den, but closer to the Warrior's Den, for the den is right under that den. The Warrior's protect the nursery the most of all dens. It has great space, and there's alot of room for kits to run around and play. Actually, there's a big space for them to rest, and then a tight tunnel leads them deeper into the rocks and then there's a large opening, where kits play while their mother's rest in the front area. There's always stuff to play with for the kits in the back area.

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Weather: Heat advisories in town for awhile, and after the heat advisories, it'll still be warm. Some thunder/rainstorms some days, but not all.

Season: Green-leaf



Site Updates: You now add your charries to your "About Me" instead of us having a whole page for them. It's all updated.

News: Not much news.

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