Lightning energy and burning souls...

FlameClan's Welcome

Flamestar's death was tragic yet sudden.

Now cats wonder how it happened so quickly and the mystery holds, creating an adventure that multiple cats won't forget.

That's when FlameClan changed forever...

We are the shadows of day.

  Flamestar died out of the blue when FlameClan was at their worst. They changed FlameClan to more of a tribe, yet more laidback and more freehand. That only made the troubles worse.

  Spottedwolf, a caring tortoisshell and a mother of three, stepped forward, for she was watching the Clan she grew up in since kithood shatter to pieces. She moved the Clan and they're starting over.

  Will they actually make it this time?

Staff of FlameClan

Aquafang (Creator - Administrator)- Creator of original FlameClan as well as the other two Clans which were supposed to go along with it (WaterClan, BlizzardClan).

Darkeh (Site-owner - Administrator) - Current owner of FlameClan. One of the main lead developers that made this site as good as it is today... well, as good as it is in the summer or winter break.

Goldenheart/Goldy (Inactive Site-Owner - Administrator) - Past owner of FlameClan. Not active for over a year now.

Morningsun/Morning - The reason why FlameClan was motivated to be made originally.


Darkeh, as current owner, reserves the right to do whatever she wants to this site. 

I mostly leave the work to Darkeh as she have done the most. Anyways, the site has become a group effort so it's not mine anymore. -Aqua 


History of FlameClan

FlameClan was made in 2009 by Aquafang, and but not many people role-played so development ceased.

In August 2009, Aquafang gave this site to Goldenheart, who was the first one to get this site active. Over 200 visits per day and more than 25 posts every day. 

Sometime during mid 2010, this site closed down due to excessive spamming and other reasons. During this brief period, Goldenheart exchanged this site to Darkeh who is now the current owner and developer of FlameClan.

The site re-opened a couple of weeks after it closed down and Darkeh did an awesome job with the site.

August 12, 2011, Aquafang re-joined development with FlameClan as one of the admins after being inactive for over 2 years.

August 13, 2011, All major power, ownership and management passed on to Darkeh officially by creator of FlameClan.  

June 9th-June 12th, FlameClan's coming back for the summer after a long break.


Exact date of creation of FlameClan is unknown. Aquafang(creator) believes it opened sometime during June-August 2009.