Lightning energy and burning souls...

The Foothills

The foothills are the main area to be wandering, adventuring, or hunting. FlameClan's whole territory is foothills now. There's bushes, sage, wildflowers, rocks, dirt, tan grass (can be green in new-leaf an dpartly green-leaf), rattlesnakes, ticks, badgers, coyotes, foxes, deer, hawks, eagles, and much, much more to this land. It's full of dangers and wonders, but it all is interesting and useful in some way.

Bois River

Only the edge of the Bois River, where the river and the Star Stream meet, is a part of their territory. Great fishing, great wading... at least in the shallow parts. Throughout the whole river, the currents could steal away an elephant from their power and speed. Two-legs are attracted here for rafting and fishing.

Wild Flower Hill

The Wild Flower Hill is named after the meadow in the old meadow in FlameClan's old territory. It's not really a meadow, but it's a hill with a beautiful arrangment of Idaho's wildflowers. The wildflowers start blooming in new-leaf and tend to stay until leaf-fall. Also, this is the best place to find herbs.   

Bois Hot Springs

From some kittypets who understand their two-legs, they told FlameClan some terms they use. So they named these hot springs, the Bois Hot Springs. This is a great place to get water, or swim if it's bone-chilling cold, but there's an issue: the two-legs are attracted to this spot and often come here to swim, whether it's warm or cold.


Old Mine

There is an old mine, deep, deep into the foothills, near a few two-leg nests far into the foothills. It's actually out of FlameClan's territory, but no Clan's are near them, so they count it as theirs. To the two-legs, their's supposedly a ghost of an old miner that died here, at this mine. But the cats don't know that. It's creaky and not safe for any cat, although cats still come. The rattlesnakes, coyotes, and ticks are plentiful here.